Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about the venue. Fortunately, Wingate Place has a helpful FAQ section on their website to address any concerns you all may have. From questions about catering and vendor recommendations to details about the venue’s amenities and accommodations, our FAQ provides comprehensive answers to help you all make an informed decision. Additionally, Wingate Place’s expert team is always available to answer any additional questions you all may have and to assist you all in planning your dream wedding. Don’t hesitate to reach out and start planning the wedding of your dreams at Wingate Place.

Do I need to make an appointment to see the venue?

Yes, an appointment to see the venue can be made by contacting Sarah Rickman by email or phone. Contact information can be found below.

Do you have a “mandatory” and “preferred” vendors only policy?

Clients must select from the list of mandatory caterers, beverage services, and planners/coordinators. Wingate Place also maintains a preferred vendor list complete with names of professional florists, musicians, rentals, etc; clients may choose to book from this preferred list.

What time can vendors begin set up on the day of the event?

Vendors may begin set up at 9am for an event starting after 3:00pm on that same day. Wingate Place will designate a set up time for events beginning before 3:00pm. Any early setup may incur additional charges.

How many events does Wingate Place host per day?

Wingate Place only allows one event per day to ensure that all of our focus can be tending to your event’s needs.

How can I secure my event date?

A 50% rental deposit will be due upon presenting a signed contract. The deposit can be made by check, cash, or credit card (there will be a 3% processing fee). The deposit will be non-refundable and will be applied to the total rental fee to secure your date.

What’s included?

125 white folding chairs
10 60’’ round tables
5 30’’ cocktail tables
40×80 framed tent with lighting
Restroom facilities
6 hours of event time for up to 300 guests
1 hour scheduled rehearsal time
Unlimited parking
Bridal dressing suite
Groomsmen dressing area
*Additional event insurance must be purchased by the client. Typically these policies range from $75 – $180.